Bandai 1/60 Perfect Grade Zeta Gundam Kit

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The largest and most detailed plastic model kit in Bandai's history. About 50 locations secured by metal screws. Speaking of metal, the landing gear struts are die-cast. Five different locations light up on the finished kit (eyes, tail fin, beam saber and both wingtips, batteries included!). Full inner mechanism detail on all limbs. Opening panels on the head, chest (inc. cockpit) and more. Fingers are individually-jointed. Comes with two beam sabers, shield, two grenade packs and the huge beam rifle. Locking systems provide stability in both Wave Rider and Mobile Suit modes
  • Movable mechanics were reproduced within Action Mechanics Models 'and' complete transformation] to Zeta Gundam, the best of both models. Gimmick Built-parts issue.
  • Expand the abdomen and the head cover in conjunction with mobile chest.
  • Work together to deploy a dedicated beam rifle scope barrel/grip /.
  • Built-saber is an emitting gimmick (1) clear edge beams and parts (2) is attached.
  • Deformable skeleton (full frame mover) in combination with external armor Pursued the reality of the Mobile Suits.
  • Combined with a snap-fit \200b\20 assembly and service
  • 825 Pcs.