I actually discovered Gundams during a visit to a Japanese Hobby Show several years ago. I remember spotting a fury of activity surrounding the Bandai booth. I strolled over to see what the commotion was about. There was a crowd of about fifty young Japanese men attempting to get a view of this strange science-fiction looking figure about 2 feet tall. I asked one of them in my broken Japanese what was happening. To my surprise, he answered me in perfect English,”New Perfect Grade Gundam.” I took a closer look at the Gundam models and then looked at the crazed crowd. It was then that I realized the fascination people had with these strange looking models. I was hooked.

Several years went by until the craze hit the USA. What had been a mostly unknown hobby category, supported by a small but avid customer base, suddenly skyrocketed as one of the hottest product lines.

It was at this opportune time that I started laying the groundwork to create a new website dedicated to Gundams. We are now proud to present Gundam World Online to the Gundam community.

We would appreciate any comments or suggestions that will help us become the best source for Gundams on the internet.