Bandai 1/100 Master Grade Series: Gundam RX79(G) EZ8

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Shiro Amada's Gundam Ez8 is a derivation of the Ground Gundam. As the Ground Gundam was itself developed from spare parts from the V Project, very few spares were available for it, and field engineers had to make do with what they could to keep the units running. The Ez8, both the animated version and the model version, shares common parts with the Ground Gundam but it has a chest mounted retractable machine gun, and additional armor. Like the Ground Gundam, it includes a weapons storage pack, and has a complete suite of weapons, including leg-mounted beam sabres, machine gun, bream rifle and bazooka.

This ground pounder carries a backpack (which could hold a car) that opens for weapons storage. The cockpit armor panels fold down as well, for easy display of the cockpit and pilot, Shiro Amada, of whom a figure is included. The instruction book is 19 pages and includes a "Documentary photographs" page, as well as painting guides. Weapons include a Beam Rifle, 10mm Machine Gun, Hyper Bazooka (Ground Type), Beam Saber and Shield. The entire model is snap-together assembly and is molded in full color.