Bandai 1/144 High Grade Universal Century: #195 AMX004 Qubeley Kit

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Ranked #1 for most desired Master Grade model kits in a poll from 2010, the V2 Gundam from Mobile Suit Victory Gundam finally appears after a long and carefully planned development period by esteemed mecha designer Hajime Katoki! With a focus on replicating its complicated transformation in the chest, the V2 MG carries a careful balance between form and function fitting for the 35th anniversary of GunPla. Besides its full transformation feature, it includes an additional Core Fighter to display both chest and leg flyers and eye sensor enhancement inn head. Comes with 2 beam sabers with fan attachment, beam rifle with grenade launcher equipment, beam shield, falling Shakti figure, and pilot figures included. Comes with 14 runners and water slides. Measures approximately 6 1/2-inches tall when complete.