Bandai 1/72 Star Wars A New Hope: Millennium Falcon Studio Model Kit

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40 years after "Star Wars: A New Hope," the iconic Millennium Falcon is making its way to the pinnacle of Bandai model kits as a Perfect Grade! Originally created from an artistic mix of different model kits itself, the Millennium Falcon has become an iconic ship beloved by many all over the world. Created through thousands of hours studying the larger 5.5Ft (1.7 Meter) studio model used to film "Star Wars: A New Hope," not the newer CGI created versions, it is the most accurate version ever to be released. Utilizing Bandai's patented color injection technology, the kit has been engineered to even have its hull damage molded into the parts while still being snap together and requiring no glue. It goes as far as to recreate the inner details of the ship, ranging from the cockpit to the famous boarding ramp. The kit also comes with white LED’s to recreate the ships well-known Hyperdrive Engine and to light up the cockpit! At 19" long (482mm) this model stands out as the ultimate Millennium Falcon model kit. Set includes a dedicated display base, seated figures of Han, Luke Chewbacca, Obi-wan, C-3P0, and Princess Leia. Instruction manual x1, water slides, photo-etch parts. Three AAA batteries (sold separately) required. Phillips head screwdriver (not included) is required to hold the battery cap. Scissors, pliers, etc. that are specialized for photo-etch pieces are required.