Bandai 1/100 Reborn-One Hundred: #008 MSA005K Guncannon Detector Kit

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  • From [Mobile Suit Gundam UC Episode 4 gravity well's bottom], Kit Kanon Detector, which made a fierce battle with Zion army remnants at Torrington Base, became the first kit!
  • High detailing various parts such as armor and backpack base, according to the scale feeling of RE / 100.
  • In addition, the 'assembly ease' which is the feature of the RE / 100 series is also alive.
  • The gimmick poses in the play can be precisely reproduced by the movable gimmick of the leg and the waist.
  • Three-dimensional gun cannon/detector dedicated beam rifle with precise detail, grenade reproduced with the trigger.
  • The 170mm Cannon gun used by Nemo deployed at Torrington Base is also included, and it can also be equipped with the MG Unicorn series of the same scale.